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Amy Barker's work shows towns and cities in a minimalist, yet sophisticated style.

Available work

Amy Barker

Whitby Skyline


93cm x 37cm framed



Amy is a Graphic Designer/Illustrator, born in York but now living in Whitby. 


Amy has always had a love for Art, being inspired by York’s natural beauty and historical heritage. 


Amy studied Graphic Design at Northumbria University, Newcastle, where she specialised in Illustration, graduating in 2017. Since then, she has done various commission-based work, such as portraits, as well as exploring different mediums and styles of work. Always using colour in my work, she found new inspiration in line drawings and how they simplify the complex world around us. 


Driven by her hometown of York, she has developed a collection of skyline Illustrations to show the intricacy of each building in a minimalist, yet sophisticated style. 

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