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Paul Berriff started his career early photographing rock legends.

Available work


At the age of 15 Paul started his career as an editorial assistant on the Yorkshire Evening Post newspaper in Leeds. During his free time Paul practiced his camera skills photographing the people, places and events in Yorkshire. Paul decided to use his contacts to gain access backstage at his local theatres to photograph the new groups and singers. Amongst the many groups he photographed were The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Hollies, The Searchers and singers such as Roy Orbison, Marianne Faithful and Sandie Shaw.  A few months after photographing these up and coming rock legends Paul became an official press photographer on the paper and his ‘training’ negatives were forgotten and put away in a box.


Paul remained as a photographer on the Yorkshire newspaper for a further three years before joining the BBC as a news film cameraman. He then went on to become a director/producer and establish his own TV production company.  


A few years ago, Paul decided he wanted to return to stills photography and remembered when he was a teenager, he had photographed many of the up and coming rock legends. He decided to search for the box of negatives he had filed away some 47 years before. 


Paul is still continuing his career in TV production but turning more to his beloved still photography where he started with the rock legends and the people and streets of Yorkshire over 50 years ago. 

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