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Miranda Richmond

Miranda likes to work outdoors; in all seasons & times to capture the same scene.

Available work


Miranda was born in Buckinghamshire, studied in Bristol and afterwards worked and studied with Miles Richmond, who was himself a student of the painter David Bomberg, and to whom she was later married. Miranda has lived in the North-East since 1982, living initially in rural North Yorkshire and then in Middlesbrough. She works primarily as a landscape painter, but has an ongoing interest in portraiture and figure work. Subjects include the varied landscapes of Teesside and the Yorkshire Moors but she also likes to travel and has made many painting trips to Scotland, Egypt, Spain and Australia.

As a landscape painter her usual practice is to work outdoors directly from the subject, frequently on a series in one location over a period of months, even years, through different seasons, and times of day. She makes numerous drawings of a subject in a variety of media, attempting to discover a dynamic structure which is both a physical response and the result of careful observation.

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